Digital Designers Etsy Team Blog Post

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Hi! I’ve been featured in the Digital Designers Etsy Team Blog. This blog unites Etsy digital artists selling on Etsy, specializing in graphic design and illustration, in one place.

The post is about Christmas in July, which lots of organized people do in advance.


Here is the link:

You’ll find discounts and sales from a bunch of Etsy stores, including mine! At Talii Design I’ve included a Sales Weekly Section which has a 50% discount on off season items, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and where I add each week: items on sale, discounts, bundles, buy 3 get 4 packs. Check it out clicking here!

Here are some of my Christmas in July items:

Starry Christmas Paper Pack

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Clip Art

Girls Christmas Wrapping Paper Pack

Glitter Christmas Ornaments Clip Art

Boys Christmas Wrapping Paper Pack


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