Hello again!

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Hi! It’s been awhile. I’ve just returned from my holidays at the beach. It’s summer here down south!

This 2016 that have just begun comes with new resolutions! Here’s my short list (besides my personal resolutions such as loosing 20 pounds):

  • Expand my store’s products
  • Add a lot of freebies for my followers here on this blog. Stay tuned!
  • Add a lot of interesting tutorials
  • Open a new online store for physical products. Take a peek into the some of the bijou I’ll be selling there:

These are handmade butterfly brooches, made of marbled tin and beads. More of these are on the way! I hope to be opening soon!

To begin this wonderful year I’m throwing a sale at TpT  from Wednesday 20th till Thursday 21st. Check it here!  Use the code: START16 at checkout and you’ll have a 20% off every product on my store.




What about the name?


Hi! On the anniversary month I’ll be telling a bit about Hello Talii. Maybe you are wondering why this name for my blog and shops. Here’s the story:

I have a little son called Ramiro. He couldn’t say his name well, so he called himself Talilo. So my husband and me called him a shortened Tali. And that’s how the name sticked. I added a final “i” to the Tali, now Talii, so it looked more scandinavian, I’m a fan of scandinavian design.

The Hello was added because I love a blog called Hello Sandwich, and it seem so friendly. And that’s the story behind the name!

News at Hello Talii

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Hi! This month I’m celebrating my first year at Etsy!

I started a year ago with a few listings and have grown ever since. I’ve expanded into new stores in other sites, such as Creative Market, Society 6, Luvly Marketplace and Teachers pay Teachers. I also started this blog, and this last week, I’ve opened a new store at Etsy!

This new store will be all about printables: calendars, planners, prints, cards. You can take a peek at my work downloading this 2016 Calendar here. I’ll be uploading new products every week. Stay in touch!

To celebrate my first year at Etsy, this whole month, I’ve added various discount coupons at my store to choose from:


Buy 5$ or more>> get 20% discount- Enter 20NOVEMBER at checkout

Buy 10$ or more>> get 30% discount- Enter 30NOVEMBER at checkout
Buy 15$ or more>> get 40% discount- Enter 40NOVEMBER at checkout

Here’s how to use them:
1. Put the item/s in your cart
2. Click on “Apply Coupon Code”
3. Enter the coupon code and click “Apply”
4. Do it before you complete payment

In addition there’s news from Luvly Marketplace. The giveaway winner at it’s Facebook contest is Heather Ann Chaney!

She received a whole set of Halloween clip art and digital papers from my Luvly store! Congratulations Heather!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.22.51

And last but not least I’ve added a new freebie at TpT which I hope will be very useful for teachers on all subjects: Participation Cards. This is a collaboration with my brother Alfredo, who teaches Philosophy at St. Ambrose University. Click here to watch a way in which my brother uses them in his classes.


See you!


Etsy Shop

As you might have guessed from my Etsy shop I love tiles!

I used to own a tile shop in San isidro, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Window store front at Christmas- Quadrat

Tiles, tiles and more tiles!

Here are some pics of the things I used to sell .

These are cement tiles. They are made one by one, it is a very ancient handcraft technique. Even today they are made in the antique way,  with cement, sand, water and color pigments, the colors added one by one, by hand. With my associate Cecilia we designed the patterns and have it made in any color you wish for. We do modern looking tiles and vintage as well.

Here are some pictures of the tiles in situ:

I drew many drafts for my clients so they could have an idea of how the tikes would look on their floors or walls. These drawings were the basis for the patterns I now sell digitalized.

And these are the tiles paper packs at my store:

New in my shop

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I`ll be adding to this blog the listings I add to my shop. Every morning, I usually have a cup of coffee, at a coffee store in the beautiful San Isidro, where I live, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. There I clear my mind and check out what I have to do that day, take a peek to new mags, and take pics of possible ideas.

This is what I came into a couple of days ago:


I’ve been working with wood textures lately, and found that this would be so much fun to do as Clip Art!

So, this is what I’ve uploaded today to Etsy. These wood arrows will come so handy to make cards, invites to parties, posters, presentations, or use in blogs! Maybe I’ll use them one day in this one!

Wood Arrows Clip Art

They come as individual arrows and a pole, that you can resize and add your own text to, and combine in any way you’ll like to.

This Clip Art Pack matches with these papers which come in two sizes:

Wood Textures Paper Pack- 12×12 inches

Wood Textures Paper Pack- Letter Size

And since this week is a very important week for my country, (May 25th is our Revolución de Mayo, the day we decided to govern ourselves, and not be governed anymore by Spain), I’ll be giving away freebies with our flag’s colors. Today, two wood frames in teal and white.

Wood Frame in teal

Wood Frame in white

And an extra pink one which I found cute!

Wood Frame in pink

Wood Frame in pink

To download right click on each picture and save into your computer- See you soon!