Halloween Garland Cut Tutorial!

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Hi! Today I’m featuring my first tutorial ever on this blog!

Recently I have added this listing to my Etsy and my TpT stores. There’s two ways to use it.

Halloween D.I.Y. Jack O Lanterns- Cutting Files

The first one:  you can create a Halloween garland decoration. Here’s how:

I have a Silhouette Designer software but, with the files on this listing, you can make it with the Basic Silhouette software easily. The SVG files work with Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot software too.

  1. Open the two .studio3 files on your Silhouette Studio software.


Noses, mouths and eyes

2. Grab the faces features and copy them into the pumpkins file. Ungroup all the shapes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.05.32

3. Play with the shapes, duplicate pumpkins, add the faces features to each one, resize noses, rotate eyes, make groups with each pumpkin when you are done.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.11.40

4. When you have your pumpkins ready, resize each pumpkin group till you find the right size to make a garland. I wanted mine to be very visible on my door, so I took the measures, my door is about 60 inches wide, and I wanted the garland to have 5 pumpkins on it, so that’s about 12 inches space for each one. There has to be space between them, about 2 inches, more or less. So I resized the pumpkins to about 8 to 9 inches wide each.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.16.34

5. Then open the modify window, ungroup the shapes, substract, and voila!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.21.33

6. Repeat the procedure with each pumpkin and then cut each one on orange paper.

And that’s it! Attach to a nice string and hang it on your door, window or chimney!

There’s another way to use these files. Cut the pumpkins in orange paper, the noses, mouths and eyes on black paper first, and then on yellow paper, that gives the pumpkins a lightened up look. Then hand out the pieces to your kids, and let them play, making their own Jack O Lanterns! A nice way to spend a fall evening!

You can cut these on magnetic paper too, available at Silhouette’s online store, and play with the pumpkins on your fridge.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, the listing comes with a PDF that you can print and cut with your scissors!

Check my other Halloween listings that match this one here:

See you on my next tutorial!



Etsy Shop

As you might have guessed from my Etsy shop I love tiles!

I used to own a tile shop in San isidro, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Window store front at Christmas- Quadrat

Tiles, tiles and more tiles!

Here are some pics of the things I used to sell .

These are cement tiles. They are made one by one, it is a very ancient handcraft technique. Even today they are made in the antique way,  with cement, sand, water and color pigments, the colors added one by one, by hand. With my associate Cecilia we designed the patterns and have it made in any color you wish for. We do modern looking tiles and vintage as well.

Here are some pictures of the tiles in situ:

I drew many drafts for my clients so they could have an idea of how the tikes would look on their floors or walls. These drawings were the basis for the patterns I now sell digitalized.

And these are the tiles paper packs at my store:

Digital Designers Etsy Team Blog Post

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Hi! I’ve been featured in the Digital Designers Etsy Team Blog. This blog unites Etsy digital artists selling on Etsy, specializing in graphic design and illustration, in one place.

The post is about Christmas in July, which lots of organized people do in advance.


Here is the link:


You’ll find discounts and sales from a bunch of Etsy stores, including mine! At Talii Design I’ve included a Sales Weekly Section which has a 50% discount on off season items, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and where I add each week: items on sale, discounts, bundles, buy 3 get 4 packs. Check it out clicking here!

Here are some of my Christmas in July items:

Starry Christmas Paper Pack

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Clip Art

Girls Christmas Wrapping Paper Pack

Glitter Christmas Ornaments Clip Art

Boys Christmas Wrapping Paper Pack


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I’m updating my Basic Patterns Paper Packs. I’m adding gold and silver patterns to each pack. I think this way they will be more useful to designers and crafters.

Check them out here:


Thin Chevron Paper Pack


Thin Chevron Paper Pack + Gold and Silver Chevron


Thin Stripes Paper Pack


Thin Stripes Paper Pack + Gold and Silver Stripes

Here all the patterns in rainbow colors to choose from:

You can find these patterns at Teachers Pay Teachers too!

Marble paper

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Hi! I’m showing you today three of my first listings at my Etsy shop, my dear Marble Paper Packs.

Winter Marble Paper Pack

Pastel Marble Paper Pack

Sunny Marble Paper Pack

I handmade the papers, and digitalized them, so I could use them any time I wanted to, and didn’t feel a stitch in my heart if I cut any of them. They are one of a kind, and that’ s difficult to give up to any crafting, unless you can print them again and again.



I cut these blue and red ones for a sidetable I’ve recycled.


This is the result:

2015-06-19 11.27.16


I painted the tabletop in a very dark blue and I filled it with sea style flowers and shapes, which I cutted from the marble papers. Then barnished.

2015-06-19 11.24.20

2015-06-19 11.24.42

Don’t they give the flowers the exact sea feel?

Other things I did with the papers:


I cutted a marble square and with my Silhouette Cameo I cutted some flower shapes in a contrasting color, and then pasted all on some wood coasters. Then I added resin on top to make them waterproof.


IMG_0181 IMG_0182-1

Stella Maris altarpiece:


Stella Maris is the patroness of the sailmen, so in this altarpiece, made with recycled wood pieces, She is standing over the storm. I added fishes, crabs, a dragon, and some fishstars made with marble paper. You can see how they add texture and color to any object.

2015-06-19 11.22.02

In future posts I’ll be showing all the things I’ve made with the marble papers in detail, and show you the marbling technique.

In the meantime look at this post in Etsy’s blog and see all the things that you can do with this addictive technique.

Patriotic Celebrations

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I’ve been working lately on these items that you can find in my shop now:
You can find them at TpT also.