Crepe de chine


My Poly Crepe de Chine pattern swatch from Spoonflower arrived today! Love the texture! And the colors so bright! What will I do with it? Maybe some scarves for Christmas gifts. Can’t wait to order more patterns from Spoonflower. Stay tuned for news!

Crepe de Chine pattern swatch


NEW! Svg cutting files! 

Etsy Shop, Free Downloads

Last week I opened a new section at my Etsy shop: SVG cutting files!

I have a Silhouette Cameo and have done a lot of these files to use myself. Now I’ve updated and refined them and am selling them at Etsy!

Each listing contains an SVG file, a DXF file and a Studio3 for Basic Silhouette Software. The files work on Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot software too.

Check them here. I’m adding more items each week.

And get this free SVG file here!

Tile Stencil SVG Freebie


Tiled mouse pads and car license plates

Etsy Shop

One of my customers, Oh my Word Designs, created these lovely mouse pads with my Flowery Tiles Pack! You can find them here and add some classy items to your desk!



This lovely lady, Sonya, makes these Monogrammed License Plates too! They are personalized with your initials, colors and frames! I would love to have one of these on my car!




Etsy Shop

As you might have guessed from my Etsy shop I love tiles!

I used to own a tile shop in San isidro, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Window store front at Christmas- Quadrat

Tiles, tiles and more tiles!

Here are some pics of the things I used to sell .

These are cement tiles. They are made one by one, it is a very ancient handcraft technique. Even today they are made in the antique way,  with cement, sand, water and color pigments, the colors added one by one, by hand. With my associate Cecilia we designed the patterns and have it made in any color you wish for. We do modern looking tiles and vintage as well.

Here are some pictures of the tiles in situ:

I drew many drafts for my clients so they could have an idea of how the tikes would look on their floors or walls. These drawings were the basis for the patterns I now sell digitalized.

And these are the tiles paper packs at my store:

Society 6

Society 6 Shop

Here is my first collection at Society 6. It is inspired in my love of tiles!

This pattern is based on ancient Moroccan Tiles, mixed with background orange blossom flowers, or “azahar”, which had such a rich smell, and transports ourselves to desserts and groves.

Moroccan Flowers in White, Green and Yellow

Moroccan Flowers in White, Emerald Green and Grey

At Society 6 you can purchase these illustrations as Art Prints, framed in different colors, or as laptop skins, Iphone or Ipad cases, mugs, t-shirts, shower curtains, rugs, tote bags, clocks, pillows, duvet covers.

Moroccan Flowers in White, Green and Yellow:

Moroccan Flowers in White, Emerald Green and Grey